EdTech France forges partnership with CY Cergy Paris Université

March 2, 2020

EdTech France is developing its network of entrepreneurs and academic experts to improve education technology in schools

EdTech France

Founded by entrepreneurs, EdTech France is an association aiming to develop the use of education technology in French classrooms.  It currently unites over 200 EdTech member companies and over 30 businesses including venture capital firms and Higher Education institutions.

“ The most buoyant market, which has already reached a certain maturity, is that of professional and lifelong training, with dynamic players, strategic challenges of digital transformation, training and skills development for employees, ” Rémy Challe, CEO of EdTech France

Today’s announcement of a collaboration with CY Cergy Paris Université, ESSEC Business School and the Val d’Oise Departmental Council represent a commitment to innovation in EdTech.  It is part of the EDUCATE France acceleration program launched late last year by University College London (UCL).  Other key players in this group include AFINEF, ATOS, the Banque des Territoires, MGEN, the Région Ile-de-France, the Rectorat de Versailles and Ubisoft.

“ EdTech is a burgeoning industry in France, with growing investment in the sector and home to some of the most interesting innovation currently taking place in Europe…It feels appropriate and sensible, therefore, that we should engage in this collaboration so we can share our expertise, knowledge and experiences on a pan-European basis ” Professor Rose Luckin, Founding Director, UCL EDUCATE

To achieve its mission, EdTech France has defined several goals:

1) Federate

This goal involves bringing together all the key players in the EdTech industry.  These include EdTech companies, entrepreneurs, associations and higher education establishments.

2) Prove

This goal involves communicating how EdTech can bring transformation to the learning process.  This necessitates a collaboration with academic professionals, education communities and scientists.

3) Invent

Dialogue is established between entrepreneurs and educators to ensure that solutions solve educational problems.

4) Spread

To disseminate good practice both nationally and globally.

You can read more about the partnership by following this link

You can also learn more about EdTech here: https://global-edtech.com/edtech-definitions-products-and-trends/