Descomplica enters the online higher education market

April 19, 2020

By investing R$55 million in online higher education, Descomplica plans to launch undergraduate courses in August

Descomplica enters the online higher education market

Descomplica has announced that it is investing R$55 million (approx. US$10 million) in developing online higher education courses.  The courses have been approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and will be completed entirely online, with the exception of certain examinations.

Descomplica is hoping to engage students by offering short entertaining videos which are mobile friendly and through developing micro-certificates for any completed modules.  Although the program will fully launch in August, some courses are accessible now with a limited number of places on offer.  The price range for tuition will be between R$199 and R$219.

Founded in 2011, the primary focus of Descomplica (until recently) has been on helping Brazilian students pass a national secondary standardised examination known as Enem.  Several million students sit this exam each year.  Through its platform, Descomplica has provided students with access to a repository of 15,000 revision videos, live lessons and instructional materials which can be accessed on different devices.

“ The distance learning higher education market has increased in recent years. Today, around 30% of students are looking for distance learning courses and we estimate that this number will be 50% by 2022. It is the right time for new offers and possibilities, such as (what we) do (at) Descomplica, which comes with a different proposal than what exists…” Daniel Pedrino, President, Faculdade Descomplica

The undergraduate courses currently available are:

  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting Sciences
  • Pedagogy

Descomplica is hoping to add a further 16 courses over the next year and a half.

More information on the online higher education courses being developed by Descomplica can be accessed here: