Polish EdTech company Learnetic releases free educational resources for Ukrainian children

April 8, 2022

Free digital textbooks have been published by Polish EdTech company Learnetic to support Ukrainian children.

Polish EdTech company Learnetic releases free educational resources for Ukrainian children

Polish EdTech company Learnetic has published a set of free educational materials for Ukrainian children. These resources are available here

All published materials are free and ready to use at schools or remotely. They allow children to work independently, and the results of this work may be under the control of the learners themselves, teachers or even parents.

“As our contribution to support Ukrainian refugees, affected by Russia’s heinous aggression, we’ve mobilized to give support in what we are the best at – creating interactive educational materials, providing children with the best possible education in such difficult circumstances.” – says Artur Dyro, CEO of Learnetic SA.

Find out how easy and efficient the materials are:

  • Math textbook – available here – Interactive textbook for school grades 1-4 based on PDF versions of Ranok’s educational materials. Dedicated to schools or individual students’ learning.
  • Ukrainian and Polish Interactive Phrasebook “Я тут!”(eng. “I am here”)- available here – Teaching materials for learning Ukrainian and Polish are dedicated to teachers of linguistically diverse groups or to self-study. With further cooperation, we can adapt it to any language.

“Ukrainian children mostly do not know the language of the country they stay in. Similarly, the teachers don’t speak Ukrainian in order to teach them successfully. In such a situation, interactive educational materials are an invaluable help. We hope that access to our materials will make it easier for Ukrainian students to return to education quickly and for teachers to conduct lessons in their native language.” – says Artur Dyro, CEO of Learnetic SA.

The entire content is available on the free access platform https://mcourser.com with a Ukrainian interface (choose a language in the upper right corner). There are instructions on how to enter teachers’ as well as students’ accounts.

You can learn more about Polish EdTech company Learnetic SA here: https://www.learnetic.com/

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