World Edtech Startup Challenge – Lumiii wins prize

August 31, 2022

Lumiii, developed by Secret Pirates Entertainment Inc, has won The World Edtech Startup Challenge

World Edtech Startup Challenge - Lumiii wins prize

Lumiii has won The World Edtech Startup Challenge.  Hosted by UCL EdTech Labs alongside Global Disability Innovation Hub and Santander Universities, the competition aims to shine a spotlight on the most promising EdTech startups.

On August 9, Lumiii was recognized among eight other finalists and awarded the grand prize, including cash, for its new and engaging approach to convergence education.

“As an entertainment brand, the Lumiii team and I are incredibly honored by this recognition from the global EdTech community,” said Ali Badshah, CEO and Co-Founder of Secret Pirates and the creator of Lumiii. “There is still plenty to do, and I hope our continued work in convergence and our vision for accessible entertainment, technology, finance, and education will leave a lasting global impact on lives for the better.”

Honorees were judged based on how well the project aligns with UCL Edtech Labs’ mission to improve education for all. Other finalists include bitmark, Education AI, Craft Education, Hunu Teletherapy, iSchool, Numberfit, Sophia Technologies Limited, and 4thewords.

“Ali and the LumiiiAcademy team should be immensely proud of having won, given this year’s startups were so strong and equally as inspiring,” said Houtan Froushan, Programme Director at UCL EdTech Labs. “Beating an international field of EdTech, from all areas of learning and teaching goes to show how much promise Lumiii has. We look forward to seeing them grow as the inaugural World Edtech Startup Challenge winners.”

According to Bruce Rodrigues, Deputy Minister of the Ontario Ministry of Education and keynote speaker for the event, “Lumiii is redefining what ‘school’ can be for future generations through their innovative use of interactive storytelling, gamification, and technology. They are on the cutting edge of convergence education.”

Lumiii is a tween anime brand that uses interactive storytelling, learn-to-earn gaming, and DeFi to build the next generations of skilled and conscientious people. It is a 360 ecosystem with short-form and long-form narrative content, play-to-earn and learn-to-earn gaming, NFTs, AR Metaverse and family DeFi platforms, and consumer packaged goods. Lumiii incentivizes users to learn the UN SDGs, Web3 essentials, and the World Economic Forum’s Future-Needed Job Skills, in exchange for LumiiiTokens and premium LumiiiNFT gaming products.

LumiiiToken, built on Polygon, will have its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Sept. 22, 2022, through QuickSwap, Polygon’s leading decentralized exchange. Token purchasers and fans can gain early access through Lumiii’s launchpad partners MoonStarter, CoreStarter, NFTb, TruePNL, MetaLaunch, and Seedling.

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