South America: Report – LATAM EdTech 100

June 11, 2020

South America: Report – LATAM EdTech 100

Holon IQ publishes LATAM EdTech 100, its first annual list of the top performing EdTech companies in the region

LATAM EdTech 100: Holon IQ have published a list of the 100 most innovative EdTech companies across Latin America.  Brazil is identified as a large, well-established market with many companies listed on the B3 stock exchange in São Paulo and a significant number of EdTech start-ups in the country.  EdTech is expanding rapidly in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.  Familiar names on the list include Descomplica and Crehana.

The companies have been grouped into categories such as Advanced Tech, STEAM and Coding and Language Learning.  The full list of categories can be toggled below.

LATAM EdTech Companies

  • Educational Resources and Experiences
  • Workforce Upskilling
  • Advanced Tech, STEAM and Coding
  • Management Systems
  • Language Learning
  • Education Financing
  • Learning Environments
  • Tutoring and Test Prep

Over 1500 companies were evaluated by The HolonIQ Education Intelligence Unit using information from its Global Intelligence Platform. A Scoring Fingerprint was used as part of the process which consisted of the following:

  • Market: The quality of the market that the company operates in.
  • Product: The quality of the product that the company is offering.
  • Team: The skills and diversity in the team.
  • Capital: The financial success of the company.
  • Momentum: Changes in the company measured over time.

Holon IQ is a global intelligence platform that focuses on education and EdTech.  More information on the work of Holon IQ and the original report can be accessed by following this link:

You can learn more about EdTech here:

“ The 2020 LATAM EdTech 100 represents the breadth and depth of the LATAM ecosystem. From Pre K through to Workforce, with companies based in the larger LATAM economies and importantly with diversity from across the region.  ” LATAM EdTech 100, Holon IQ, June 2020