UK Report: STEM education and training in Scotland

March 20, 2020

UK Report: A STEM strategy for education and training in Scotland

The second annual report on STEM education and training in Scotland

The second annual report on STEM education and training in Scotland has been published.  Richard Lochhead, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science provides a ministerial forward in which he cites global warming and Brexit as important factors affecting the future of the country.

He states that progress in STEM within schools is an essential part of tackling these issues and that the strategy is part of the government’s plan to position Scotland as a pioneer in emerging technologies, such as AI and robotics.  It is acknowledged that it may take years to reap the benefits from certain initiatives, such as introducing STEM in early years education.


STEM Projects

Key Aims

“ To deliver excellent STEM
learning so that employers have access
to the workforce they need. ”

“ To inspire children, young people and
adults to study STEM. ”

“ To close equity gaps in participation
and attainment in STEM. ”

“ To connect the STEM education
and training offer with labour market
need. ”

Key Outcomes

“ Increases in the proportion of people
undertaking STEM-related learning. ”

“ Increased numbers of people who
understand the benefits and value
of STEM. ”

“ Increased practitioner confidence in
supporting STEM learning in the early
years, primary years and in Community
Learning and Development (CLD) settings. ”

“ Increased collaboration between schools,
colleges, universities and employers. ”

The report addresses the inequity in pursuing STEM based careers and outlines the measures which are being put in place to engage more girls, women and those from deprived communities in this initiative.

“ In the second year of our STEM Education and Training Strategy, there has been good progress in driving forward improvements in STEM learning and teaching in early learning settings, schools, colleges and universities, science centres and festivals, and in community learning and development settings… ” Richard Lochhead MSP, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science