Online Safety and Screen Time – Time to be Accountable

Bronwyn Desjardins explains how screen time settings can be applied to iOS devices to make them both safe and secure for children to use as part of online safety.

Safety is crucial to navigating the world we live in; even more so in a world fighting a pandemic. The safety measures we have in place for the real world are seldom questioned and are accepted as necessary for our wellbeing. This importance of safety and the need to implement and follow certain protocols needs to extend into the digital space too. In the same way that it is irresponsible to put a learner driver behind the wheel unsupervised and without a license, we cannot place a digital device in the hands of young people without safety structures in place.

Fortunately, Apple devices come with built-in security measures to assist with keeping underage students safe online. In the interests of assisting adult caregivers, I have created a video guide on the screen time features with recommended settings for primary-aged students. These guidelines can be amended and adjusted according to the age and needs of any user.

The screen time settings can block content based on age restrictions, limit time spent on specific applications, and provide a report on usage that can be used as a valuable tool for conversations in the home about how and when we use our devices.

No amount of screen time is equal in value. Balance is key and I hope these screen time settings help create a safer online space for iOS device users. At the very least, they can form the basis of insightful conversations about online habits and, inform safer and more conscious device use, attitudes and behaviours.

So without further ado, here is a video showing the various screen time settings that can be applied:


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