Online Assessments: A new study by Fujitsu highlights the benefits of online tests

April 22, 2021

Online Assessments: A new study by Fujitsu highlights the benefits of online tests

Research by Fujitsu and a leading university in Japan has identified that online assessments significantly reduce teacher marking and can help combat cheating

 The results demonstrate how learning institutions can keep crucial tests and exams going when physical assessments are not possible or preferable. The lessons will impact how institutions can manage assessments during Covid-19 and beyond by moving tests online with Questionmark, the online assessment provider.


Marking Time Reduction

The study found that:
  • Marking time was reduced by 90%– the Questionmark automated marking feature made the grading process more efficient.
  • Cheating was prevented– the Questionmark Record and Review feature adequately detects suspicious activities.
  • Students need a clear explanation of the detection system in advance it is important to explain the detection system and how it will be used. Students need examples of the suspicious behavior it will detect.
  • The assessment operated smoothly every participant was able to complete the exam from home without major difficulties.

This study was set up by digital leader Fujitsu and one of the leading universities in Japan. They wanted to explore how learning institutions could keep crucial assessments going during Covid-19. Together they arranged for students to take a test from home through the Questionmark platform.

To guard against cheating and ensure that the results could be trusted, Questionmark Record and Review was used to supervise the assessment. Record and Review records the assessment taking place. It flags any signs of suspicious behavior for future review. This behavior could include unusual head movement or signs that a candidate is talking to someone else.

After the assessment, the candidates completed a survey to express how they felt about being recorded during the assessment.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of Questionmark, said: “Social distancing has forced learning providers to rethink how they assess student progress. As this study shows, exams and tests can be moved online while still guarding against cheating.

“The study also shows how online assessments can create efficiencies for the future. Now that institutions are confident in delivering online exams, there is no need to return to laborious, time-consuming and inefficient physical assessments.”