Online proctoring service Honorlock raises $11.5 Million

Honorlock raises $11.5 Million and announces the appointment of three new board members

Online proctoring service Honorlock raises $11.5 Million

The Series A investment round was led by Defy Capital and resulted in Honorlock raising $11.5 Million.  As part of the agreement, three new board members have been appointed, including Defy Capital co-founder Neil Sequeira.

Honorlock provides an online proctoring service, providing students with the opportunity to complete examinations on the internet.  Its service is currently being used by the University of Florida, the University of North Alabama and Florida International University.

“ We are energized by the growth we’ve experienced this past year and have ambitious plans to accelerate it…With the influx of capital and the power and expertise of both our board of directors and tech advisory board, we are uniquely positioned to deliver extreme value to our clients. ” Michael Hemlepp, CEO of Honorlock

Using AI and machine learning algorithms, Honorlock is able to determine in real time if students are cheating during examinations.  The software listens for keywords in audio transcripts, including those used by popular smart learning devices made by Apple and Google.  Should cheating be detected, a live proctor is alerted and a pop-up chat window appears on the student’s laptop.

“ Honorlock’s Voice Detection is unique in the industry as it goes beyond audible sound spikes and listens for specific words or phrases that indicate the student needs help from our live proctor or alternatively that they are attempting to enlist unauthorized resources during their online exams…By combining AI with a live virtual proctor, our clients benefit with improved exam integrity and a better exam experience for their students. ” Michael Hemlepp, CEO of Honorlock

The company also utilises a search bot which scans the web and locates any exam questions that have been posted online.  It then issues a takedown notice.

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