A Q&A with Craig Kemp, Founder of Ignite EdTech, a Singaporean based EdTech consultancy service

April 21, 2021

Ignite EdTech is a Singaporean based EdTech consultancy service with a growing team of international consultants in different regions.

A Q&A with Craig Kemp, Founder of Ignite EdTech, a Singaporean based EdTech consultancy service

Craig please can introduce yourself and your role at your EdTech consultancy, Ignite EdTech?

Absolutely, Thanks! My name is Craig Kemp and I am a New Zealand born, primary trained educator with over 15 years of experience teaching and leading in public and private schools in New Zealand and South East Asia. I have lived and worked now in Singapore for the last 9 years, with my last in school position being the Director of Educational Technology and Innovation at a large 3200 American International School here in Singapore. I have a Twitter following of 45,000 and love to share my experience and expertise at conferences and events globally, frequently keynoting them and running workshops.

18 months ago, I created my own consultancy company (Ignite EdTech) to make a greater impact in EdTech globally. At Ignite EdTech I work with departments, ministries, school leadership, school communities and educators to understand, design, and implement digital learning solutions and transformations to improve teaching practice and student learning outcomes.

I support schools and organisations in different countries to establish practices, protocols and guidelines to support the sustainable implementation of technology into the curriculum to add value to student learning. In addition, I work as an advisor with technology vendors adding value to their products for use in schools. I work with these companies to help them build, develop, grow and connect with schools all over the world and have successfully supported EdTech companies in developing a presence in APAC.

Can you tell us a bit about your goals for Ignite EdTech?

I started Ignite EdTech to make a greater impact in the world of EdTech. Working in a school always felt restricted to me and I couldn’t make the impact I wanted to have on others globally. Ignite EdTech now has a team of consultants in different countries who support schools and EdTech companies to move from surviving to thriving in the constantly evolving world we find ourselves in. We have successfully supported dozens of schools and EdTech companies over the past 18 months and continue to do so driving innovation and future focussed initiatives to make a difference with EdTech no matter what the setting and context. We now have a learning portal (learning.igniteedtech.com) which is a space where we are building a large community of EdTech enthusiasts to connect, learn and grow together.

What is the selection process for onboarding consultants?

Ignite EdTech currently has 11 consultants as part of our team. The consultants work with me to support schools and EdTech companies across the world. Ignite EdTech currently has consultants throughout Asia, Middle East, USA and the UK. Our team is made up of internationally recognised educators, leaders and consultants from the EdTech space that I know and respect in the work that they do. Their experience is diverse and well evidenced and they are pulled in on projects on an as-needed basis. We are always looking to grow the team to best support the people we work with.

Do you focus primarily on schools or do you work with the whole EdTech ecosystem?

After being involved heavily on the school side for many years, I saw the importance of the EdTech ecosystem collaborating together. As a result Ignite EdTech supports all elements of this ecosystem. We work with schools, ministries, departments, EdTech companies, investors and users at multiple levels to ensure everyone is working towards a common goal of success.