Instructure release a tool to measure the impact of EdTech

October 18, 2021

Impact by Instructure has been designed to enable K-12 institutions to measure the impact of EdTech

Instructure release a tool to measure the impact of EdTech

Instructure, the developer of Canvas, has released a new tool to help K-12 institutions measure the impact of EdTech.  

“Teachers, students and families need to be able to use technologies optimally, no matter when or where they are using them,” said Mitch Benson, Chief Product Officer for Instructure. “It’s challenging for district leaders to know how to best support all of these stakeholders without having timely data on how tools, like Canvas, are or aren’t being used most effectively. Impact offers that actionable information to help teachers and students focus more on teaching and learning, and less on traversing new technologies.”

Impact is designed to help schools maximize edtech adoption (such as Canvas) and ensure students and teachers are taking advantage of all their functionality—including any third-party tools. Key benefits include:

Insight into how Canvas is being used

The reporting tools in the Impact Dashboard show exactly how deeply students and teachers are engaging with Canvas, including which features are being adopted and who might need additional support.

Customizable and targeted messaging

Schools can proactively send targeted messages, giving users role-specific information with customized in-app messaging, including hints and pop-ups.

In-app guides and tips for teachers, students and parents

Administrators are able to send guides and tips directly inside of the Canvas environment to show how and why to use various Canvas tools.

Measurement of intervention results

Impact offers district/school leaders and teachers the option to send personalized messaging. Once audiences have been targeted, and activity monitors and support content have been added, administrators and teachers can measure the effectiveness of the approach through the Impact Dashboard.

Comprehensive support to save time, build capacity and remove access barriers

The customizable, 24/7 system of support allows schools to connect users to the systems that they already have in place through the Knowledge Base, Support Requests, and Smart Escalation.

To learn more, join a webinar: Impact for K-12: Maximize Canvas LMS Adoption for More Effective Teaching & Learning

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