Australian EdTech News: Enquiry Tracker agrees deal with Schoolmint

June 2, 2021

The deal between Australian EdTech company Enquiry Tracker and US based Schoolmint will help schools across the USA gain access to an education focused CRM


Australian EdTech company Enquiry Tracker agrees deal with Schoolmint

Australian EdTech News: The deal sees Enquiry Tracker’s K12 CRM technology integrate with SchoolMint’s new Strategic Enrollment Management platform to form one powerful, game-changing platform schools can rely on.

“We are excited to join an innovative Australian company and help them expand to the USA market. School users do not want the complexity, costs and lack of integration associated with traditional CRMs, they need a solution with specific features that work beautifully. With Enquiry Tracker, the team has proven it can be done and done well.” said SchoolMint CEO Bryan MacDonald.

“Our customers increasingly use SchoolMint enrollment solutions as part of their overall strategic enrollment management efforts and are excited about having even more visibility into the activities which occur at the very earliest stages of the enrollment process. In fact, this has consistently been one of our top requests for new capability. This partnership means we can provide our customers a more comprehensive view of the enrollment process by incorporating Enquiry Tracker’s proven technology into SchoolMint’s SEM platform.”

“With hundreds of schools adopting Enquiry Tracker in just a few years in Australia & New Zealand,” said company Director and co-founder Gregory Campitelli. “Enquiry Tracker has grown to become a leader in helping schools easily manage the entire customer journey from initial inquiry through the formal enrollment process.”

“Our goal is always to provide excellent customer service experience and by partnering with SchoolMint, we can achieve the necessary scale and impact to grow exponentially in the USA by integrating our solutions and leveraging SchoolMint’s proven SEM platform, distribution, and support teams where they need it.”

SchoolMint will be incorporating Australian EdTech Enquiry Tracker’s technology into a new Family Relationship Module of SchoolMint’s Strategic Enrollment Platform. This module will be released as part of SchoolMint’s Next Generation enrollment platform available in the second half of 2021.

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