Free Global Kids Coding Challenge launched by CodeWizardsHQ

March 3, 2021

Coding Challenge: Deep Space Crystal Chase is a free beginner-friendly event for ages 8-18, where children can try coding in a fun context that should motivate them to learn programming. The first Code Challenge in 2021 had 2,000+ participants and 6,500+ voted for the grand prize winners.

Free Global Kids Coding Challenge launched by CodeWizardsHQ

“We were very happy with last year’s turnout and the kids’ enthusiasm! Students came to class talking about it and giving hints. It was so much fun and I happen to know that this year is going to be even better,” Margaret Choi, Code Challenge Event Coordinator.

To help our hero Nym travel through the galaxy to save the Xocron crystal, kids will answer Python-based coding questions. These questions explain the coding principles and then ask for an application of that principle. Correct answers let players move forward. After 21 questions, players earn a $25 CodeWizardsHQ gift card and access to the boss level. To defeat the boss, participants will write a short Python or JavaScript program. Successful programs are entered into the Hall of Champions for public vote. The first place winner will receive a t-shirt and $100 cash prize.

“The coding challenge is an exciting opportunity, accessible to kids around the globe, to try this wonderful world of programming. In last year’s challenge, we saw families engaging with kids every day for three weeks. We sparked an interest in both parents and kids for coding education. That’s what our mission of preparing kids for a digital future is about.” Jey Iyempandi, CEO and Founder.

Deep Space Crystal Chase makes learning coding fun, engaging, and educational. Starting on April 5th, late attendees can still catch up until April 25th. The boss level is issued April 28th and participants must submit their code by April 30th. The voting takes place May 3rd-7th with winners announced on May 14th.

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