Immersive Learning using Kalam Labs

September 15, 2020

Through the magic of LinkedIn’s algorithm, I discovered the possibilities of immersive learning using Kalam Labs from Elixar Systems.

Immersive learning using Kalam Labs

I must say I was blown away by how easy their solution was to use. A smartphone or a tablet, a flat surface. And voilà. I was completely immersed in a laboratory, conducting experiments in biology, chemistry and physics. It’s a really great innovation. It was so fluid and obvious to me that it made me wonder why no one had thought of it before.

Okay, there is that obvious “wow” effect associated with augmented reality. However, as an educational engineer, what matters to me is the effectiveness of the solution.

And I must say that I was captivated. From my perspective the key points are:

  • The possibility of integrating the solution into any LMS thanks to SCORM compatibility.
  • The integration of textbooks in the process, which creates a bridge between the digital world and the real world.
  • And of course the immersive side

I remember during my high school years that I had a hard time visualizing diagrams: atoms, electricity, magnetic fields for example. With Kalam Labs, you become an actor in your school training path, you interact with your environment exactly as you would in class. If only this solution had existed then!

In addition, the teachers are totally immersed in the activities.

I am convinced that Kalam Labs will have a glorious future in France and in Europe, the potential is enormous.

Of course we should consider the uncertain health context posed by covid-19? If students are stranded at home, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, they will be able to continue studying remotely using tools like this. Educational continuity is thus guaranteed. It’s primordial.

India is an extraordinary pool of talent. I invite my entire network to vote for Kalam Labs in the HHE 20 competition for World’s Top 10 Educational Solutions, organised by the Finnish Education Ministry.  They deserve your support. Sincerely.

To vote visit this URL:


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