Google Classroom and Clever announce partnership

A partnership has been agreed between Clever and Google to help automate the enrolment of new students when using Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom and Clever announce partnership

With increased digital learning and more teachers turning to Google Classroom as the home for classroom assignments and discussions, many educators and school leaders have been looking for a way to automatically set up classes and keep rosters in sync with their Student Information System. Starting this summer, school districts with Google Workspace for Education Plus will be able to use Clever to sync all their Classroom classes, saving time for teachers and ensuring equitable access for all students.

Districts who have purchased Google Workspace for Education Plus and use Clever will be able to sync rosters directly to Google Classroom from any Student Information System. Once a school technology administrator sets up Google Classroom via Clever, teachers will no longer need to manually create and invite students to join their classes, saving teachers time and enabling them to focus on what they do best: helping students reach their full potential.

As the global pandemic drove instruction online last year, teachers accelerated the integration of digital learning tools into their teaching practices. On the Clever platform alone, which serves 65% of K-12 schools in the U.S., app usage increased by 92% last year alone. And, today, more than 150 million students and educators worldwide rely on Google Classroom—up from 40 million at the beginning of 2020.

“Educators have overcome incredible obstacles this past year to support student learning,” said Tyler Bosmeny, Chief Executive Officer of Clever.  “Through this new partnership with Google Classroom, we’re proud to be removing one of those obstacles: making sure every teacher’s digital classroom will be fully set up and ready for learning on the first day of school.”

“Setting up classes has often been a manual, time consuming distraction for teachers,” said Shantanu Sinha, lead for Google for Education. “This new partnership will simplify workflows and empower educators to focus on what they do best: helping students reach their full potential.”

“COVID-19 has fundamentally changed education; the adoption and understanding behind technology has increased in students and teachers. In a district our size, manually updating information is a difficult and time-consuming task for all involved,” said Erick Buenrostro, Digital Resource & Content Specialist for Ysleta Independent School District in El Paso, TX. “The integration between Google Classroom and Clever allows our district teachers to spend their valuable time preparing their academic resources for the school year ahead. With this tool, our teachers will have up-to-date rosters in their Google Classrooms, ensuring students and staff have 24/7 access, are secure, and are ready to learn.”

The Clever integration for Google Classroom will be available for U.S. districts using Google Workspace for Education Plus this upcoming school year. To learn more, please visit