GLOBAL SURVEY on the Digital Transformation of the K-12 Educational Publishing Business

December 5, 2022

Learnetic, a leader in the sector of technologies and services dedicated to educational publishing, together with the WorldDidac organization, has prepared a survey aimed at mapping the process of global digital transformation in education nowadays.

Global Survey on the Digital Transformation  of the K-12 Educational Publishing Business

Many industries are in the process of digital transformation. Most education publishers already offer a variety of digital content, but in most markets, printed textbooks are still the focus of their offering and digital content is only supplementary material. However, with the generational change among teachers and learners, digital elements are starting to play an increasingly important role.

“We believe that a bonafide global survey can show us the true pace of digital transformation and predict how this change will unfold over the next few years. Such knowledge is invaluable not only for us, but also for all publishers who will take part in the study.”

Katarzyna Korzeniewska, Marketing Director

The survey contains 19 questions, and its completion takes about 10 minutes.  Based on the analysis of the results, Learnetic will prepare an open-access report that will provide extensive information on the current situation as well as prediction of changes in the next five years. Everyone participating in the survey will receive a special, extended version of the report.

Take part in the survey:

Who is Learnetic?

Learnetic is a reliable partner in digital transformation for educational publishers, digital disruptors and ministries of education. With over 20 years of experience in providing technology-driven solutions at every stage of ePublishing process. Learnetic offers a complete suite of powerful Authoring Tools, white-label e-Learning & Delivery platforms, dedicated Mobile Apps, eContent Development Services and ready-made, highly interactive educational eContent  Packages. 

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