Global EdTech platform Territorium raises $4.4M

August 3, 2022

Territorium, a global EdTech platform, raised $4.4 million in seed capital

Global EdTech platform Territorium raises $4.4M

Global EdTech platform Territorium has raised $4.4 million in a seed round led by Cometa Investment. 

This is Territorium’s first third-party party investment and brings its total funding to $5 million, to date. The Company will use the investment to drive U.S. growth and adoption of TerritoriumCLR, its comprehensive learner record product.

This is one of the first major investments in Comprehensive Learner Records and comes at a pivotal time, as employers are looking for more ways to get a more well-rounded view of job candidates that can bolster the traditional resume. These records provide higher education institutions and students with a more comprehensive and digital way to communicate academic achievements, soft skills, educational experiences, and work histories.

“Territorium is helping to build a new level of trust and transparency in what students are truly learning and the skills they are bringing to the work world,” said Rafael de Haro, managing partner at Cometa. “We are honored to invest in Territorium and strongly believe that this funding will help the team solve the limitations of academic transcripts and resumes as evidence of student learning and help create more equitable outcomes for future generations.”

Certified by 1EdTech Consortium, previously IMS, TerritoriumCLR captures all aspects of learning into a complete competencies and skills transcript, not a transcript of only course names and grades. TerritoriumCLR is able to map and analyze every learning experience inside and outside the classroom as learning artifacts and turn into a granular competencies and skills record that demonstrates proof of learning. For higher ed students, TerritoriumCLR recommends courses, learning experiences, and job pathways tailored to each student’s interests and needs, positioning them to be a strong candidate for their desired job and career.

TerritoriumCLR can also help employers identify the best candidates for their open positions by showcasing each person’s strengths, skills, and competencies in a much more comprehensive manner than a traditional resume. As employers seek skills as much as direct experience, especially from new graduates and non-traditional learners, TerritoriumCLR helps crystallize the picture of each candidate in an unbiased manner and can help provide insight into performance and aptitude.

“We are excited for Cometa’s investment in Territorium’s CLR platform,” said Guillermo Elizondo, Cofounder and CEO of Territorium. “The funding not only signifies how strongly Cometa believes in our mission, but also allows us to provide more students with a lifelong record of learning — both in and out of the classroom — giving them an advantage in the pursuit of their college and career goals, which is our ultimate goal.”

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