School districts release plans for this coming fall

June 13, 2020

School districts are beginning to release details on how and when students can expect to return to school and whether online learning is set to continue

School districts release plans for this coming Fall

School districts across the US are beginning to make decisions on whether to reopen schools this fall or to continue with online/blended learning.  Some districts have also launched summer catch-up programs.  Here are some notable examples of states/districts that have made their plans public:


State Governor Ron DeSantis is hoping to reopen schools this fall.  He described that online learning is not as effective as in person instruction and explained that reopening schools is vital to get the state economy back on track.

Portland Public Schools, Maine

Acknowledging that an educational gap exists because of the Covid-19 pandemic, several districts across Maine are implementing summer catch-up programs.  Portland Public Schools recently launched a two week program called Sun School which aims to connects students with local teachers.

Socorro Independent School District, Texas

Socorro Independent School District is the second largest school district in El Paso, Texas and consists of 49 schools.  Superintendent Jose Espinoza is planning to implement online learning for the first three weeks of term and the school calendar has been revised.  Following this three week period, the district is hoping to allow students to return in phases.

“ We remain committed to providing the rigorous education that all our students need and deserve…All of these decisions are challenging to make, because there are so many individuals who have unique circumstances that we have to take into consideration.  ” Superintendent, Socorro Independent School District, Jose Espinoza

Glenbrook High School District 225, Illinois

Glenbrook High School District 225 is a public high school district in Cook County, Illinois and educates approximately 4,700 students.  After the summer it is planning to adopt online learning with teachers delivering synchronous live lessons.  It is hoping to operate a normal timetable.  The district is also aiming to allow students to return to school in stages.

“ This model provides a consistent, predictable experience for both our students and instructional staff.  It allows us to establish a routine that is adaptable, flexible, and can easily transition between face-to-face instruction to E-Learning, should a case or surge of COVID-19 occur in the communities.  ” Tentative learning plan for the 2020-21 school year, Glenbrook High School District 225