EON Reality releases immersive education platform EON-XR

September 8, 2020

EON Reality rebrands its immersive education platform AVR to EON-XR

EON Reality releases immersive education platform EON-XR

EON Reality, a developer of XR (VR, AR and MR) educational experiences, has rebranded its immersive education platform AVR to EON-XR and has also unveiled a slew of new features.  The content has been designed to work across a wide variety of devices, including mobile phones, laptops and HMDs.   The activities have been developed for both industry and the classroom usage.  The new features include:

EON-XR meetings

Users can join sessions online and interactive with XR content simultaneously.  This provides an environment in which both teachers and students can collaborate on a range of devices from different locations.

3D Recording

Teachers can record and save a variety of 3D videos which students can playback at any time.

360 videos

360 videos can be incorporated into lessons when viewing models.


Students can try to replicate a given process using VR and a built in diagnostic tool provides feedback, including the percentage that was completed and any additional steps.

“ Designed to bring Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions to as many people around the world as possible, EON-XR removes the obstacles that often come with incorporating AR and VR into an academic or industrial environment. Through EON-XR, educators, trainers, employers, and other users are able to create interactive and immersive lessons AR and VR lessons without needing any coding or advanced technological knowledge… ” EON Reality

Recently, EON Reality formed an agreement with Manchester Community College in New Hampshire to offer XR experiences to students.  The activities would focus on cybersecurity and computer science.  This news follows a similar agreement between EON Reality and Los Angeles City College.

More information about EON-XR can be viewed here: https://eonreality.com/launch-eon-xr-evolution-learning/