Enter the 2022 Tools Competition – $3+ million in ed tech awards

October 11, 2022

The 2022 Learning Engineering Tools Competition is open for submissions now until November 20, 2022. 

Enter the 2022 Tools Competition - $3+ million in ed tech awards

The 2022 Learning Engineering Tools Competition is a multi-million dollar ed tech prize challenge for innovative learning technologies. With over $3 million in awards available, this is one of the largest global ed tech competitions ever held. All are eligible to compete – from those with a great idea to those with an established product.

The opportunity

The competition invites education technologists, researchers, students, and teachers from around the globe to propose innovative ideas or tools that tackle the biggest challenges in education today. The competition is focused on solutions that target early childhood to secondary education and support the field of learning engineering.

Rather than offering silver bullet solutions, learning engineering is focused on continuous improvement. In other words, the competition aims to support ed tech that leverages data and research to help better understand what works for learning, to feed that knowledge back into the product, and to demonstrate efficacy.

This year’s competition invites proposals in one of four tracks:
1.  Transforming assessments to collect new measures, drive quality and reduce cost
2.  Strengthening teacher development and support
3.  Facilitating faster, better, and cheaper learning science research
4.  Accelerating learning for all

There are over $3 million in awards available, which competitors will be awarded following a multi-phased selection process, through the generous philanthropic support of Schmidt Futures; Kenneth C. Griffin, Citadel and Citadel Securities; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Walton Family Foundation; and AlleyCorp.

In addition to the chance to win an award, entering the Tools Competition benefits competitors in a variety of ways. Competitors will connect with edtech innovators, investors, and researchers; receive feedback from technical experts; and join a growing community of learning engineers.

The Need

Now more than ever before, education demands innovation. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reports that 20 percent of students within member countries do not complete high school, meaning learners across the globe struggle to obtain the baseline education needed to effectively contribute to their communities. Moreover, the COVID pandemic has exacerbated a learning crisis affecting students across all races and income levels, and disproportionately impacting historically marginalized learners.

The growing digital era has made way for new interventions to support all learners, educators, and families. Better understanding of the science of learning – and more advanced computational methods – has enabled innovation that was once not thought possible. To close achievement gaps and compensate for learning loss, the field must develop and scale solutions that dramatically accelerate learning.

How To Compete (Phase I Deadline: November 20):

The Tools Competition has a 3-phase selection process in order to give competitors time and feedback to strengthen their proposal and build a team. Proposals will be reviewed at each phase and selected submissions will be invited to compete in subsequent phases.

  • Phase I: a brief concept proposal due by November 20, 2022
  • Phase II: detailed proposal and budget
  • Phase III: virtual pitch

During the submission process, competitors are asked to identify a competition track and award level based on their phase of ideation or product development: (1) Catalyst Phase Awards: $50,000, (2) Growth Phase Awards: $100,000, and (3) Transform Phase Awards: $250,000. For guidance on which award level to select, competitors can complete the eligibility quiz.

Following the three-phase selection process, winners will have opportunities to present on their progress and demo their tools, receiving feedback from leaders in the field along the way.

To learn more and apply to the competition by November 20, visit the Tools Competition website.


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