EdTech tutoring platform Littera Education Acquires GoBoard and Tutor Matching Service

October 18, 2022

Littera Education, a leading US EdTech tutoring platform, is aiming to expand into Higher Education through both acquisitions

EdTech tutoring platform Littera Education Acquires GoBoard and Tutor Matching Service

EdTech tutoring platform Littera Education has acquired both GoBoard and Tutor Matching Service. 

While the need for tutoring has risen dramatically during the pandemic, tutoring services for students are often limited by classroom space or the number of tutors, courses, or hours available. Littera Education, a leader in K-12 high-impact tutoring, has acquired Tutor Matching Service and GoBoard to help address these challenges in higher education — and enhance the tutoring it currently offers to K-12 schools and districts.

“Every student deserves a great tutor, no matter where they are in their education,” said Justin Serrano, CEO and co-founder of Littera. “The acquisition of Tutor Matching Service and GoBoard will not only allow Littera to expand into higher education, but it will provide innovative, patented technologies we can share with our K-12 district and school partners.”

Tutor Matching Service helps connect students to quality tutoring, and it partners with campuses to make that tutoring more accessible. It helps college and university students find the right tutor at the right price.

GoBoard, which was also developed by Tutor Matching Service, is an online tutoring platform that enables collaboration by combining video conferencing with an interactive canvas and embedded educational tools. In addition, with GoBoard’s patented text-to-board technology, students can text photos of handwritten work or textbook pages to a collaborative board for real-time markup.

Moving forward, Littera plans to utilize these assets, along with the Littera Tutoring Management System, to increase access to high-impact tutoring and enhance virtual tutoring experiences in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.


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