EdTech platform Cypher Learning and Romania’s Nistor Bădiceanu Association will collaborate to upskill teachers

April 21, 2022

To help upskill teachers in Romania, EdTech platform Cypher Learning and Nistor Bădiceanu Association will deliver online training courses.

EdTech platform Cypher Learning and Romania’s Nistor Bădiceanu Association will collaborate to upskill teachers

EdTech platform Cypher Learning has partnered with Romania’s Nistor Bădiceanu Association to help upskills teachers through the delivery of online CPD courses.  They have launched a social economy project titled “Together we transform the school”. 

This project aims to offer resources and create best practices for Romanian teachers and school administrators, helping them provide quality education to students, especially in low-income areas.

The main activities of the Association are creating educational materials through a learning platform and allowing students to pursue and continue education regardless of the teaching environment (in-person or online). CYPHER LEARNING has provided the Association with MATRIX LMS, its intelligent learning platform for organizations, which will be used to create learning materials and upskill teachers on innovative teaching methods.

The “Together we transform the school” project is funded by the European Union (EU), promoting innovative pedagogical approaches adapted to the learning needs of today’s digital native students. One of the project’s goals is to train a minimum of 400 teachers from 20 urban and rural schools from Bihor County, Romania, to use hybrid pedagogy methods (blending in-person and online instruction). For these teachers, participation in the program is free of charge. Program leaders will also use MATRIX to showcase outstanding e-learning lessons created by teachers, with the goal of sharing best practices with teachers all over the country.

“Our project aims to help teachers better adapt their classroom instruction to the current, more digital learning needs of students,” said Alin Bădiceanu, founder of the Nistor Bădiceanu Association. “The learning platform we chose can support both the professional development of teachers on the challenges of the hybrid classroom, as well as make learning more engaging for their students later on.”

Graham Glass, CEO of CYPHER LEARNING, said: “We are happy to work with the Nistor Bădiceanu Association, so we can support teachers in providing the best education to their students. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to use learning platforms in their classes and encourage their students to continue learning.”

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