EdTech in Higher Education: A glimpse of the future

February 22, 2020

The Center for Immersive Experiences features virtual and augmented reality educational experiences

EdTech Higher Education Pennsylvania State University

The Center for Immersive Experiences (CIE) at Pennsylvania State University showcases the potential of EdTech in Higher Education.  A variety of virtual and augmented reality experiences have been permanently setup for students to regularly use within their academic study and research projects.

The technology available to students includes 360 video recording, VR and AR headsets and collaborative spaces and breakout rooms.  The aim is to provide university students with access to technology that will disrupt and change the future and staff consider it essential for students to have access to these tools now rather than in the future.

The CIE includes a lecture space that can double as a VR room.  VR workstations and Oculus Rift headsets are present for students to use.  The space also includes smaller breakout rooms.  Demonstrations are on offer through a collaboration with unit partners.

Read more about the CIE here: https://immersive.psu.edu/

“We are using 360 video with our Geology students.  They are able to visit a volcano,” Jennifer Sparrow, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning with Technology

Penn State is also hosting a ‘Thinking Within Symposium’ event towards the end of March which will focus on EdTech in Higher Education.  The event bring together leading academics  and create a collaboration across several universities on how immersive technologies can impact pedagogy and learning.  A call for papers has been issued.


Dr. Lorna C. Quandt

Embodying sign language: Using avatars, VR, and EEG to design novel learning tools.

Mr. Dmitriy Babichenko

Developing an Augmented Reality Tool for Spinal Surgery Navigation.

Sample Presentations

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Geological Use
  • Immersive Simulation-Based Learning (I-SBL)
  • Three-Route SILCton: Integrating Spatial Relationships Across Separately Learned Routes
  • Feasibility Study of a Virtual Avatar Simulator to Enhance Construction-Worker Safety Training
  • Wayfinding and Navigating in Virtual Environment: Learning from Audio Games
  • Augmented Reality Taxonomy Lab Activity

Read more about EdTech here: