Cybersecurity training: A Q&A with Hack the Box

June 10, 2021

Hack The Box is aiming to become the world’s leading cybersecurity training platform

Cybersecurity training A Q&A with Hack the Box

Can you tell us about the ideas behind Hack The Box?

Hack The Box is an online training platform and rapidly growing hacking community, counting 500,000 members in less than four years. The platform allows curious minds to practice and level up their cybersecurity skills through a hands-on, self-paced, and gamified learning experience. From hundreds of constantly updated virtual hacking labs to a plethora of interactive courses at HTB Academy, Hack The Box is on a mission to upscale the cybersecurity capabilities of every professional and organization in the world by making cybersecurity training accessible to everyone.

Hack The Box trains the world’s best hackers.

You recently secured Series A funding. Congratulations…how are you planning to use the investment?

This round of funding will support the company’s growth as it establishes its presence in the US market and further expands its product portfolio for both individuals and businesses.

“With this investment, our R&D function will grow 4x in the next 18 months so we can continue to define the market by introducing groundbreaking features across every single product. Our engineering team is committed to delivering the industry’s most advanced and consolidated platform, uniting the entire product portfolio of Hack The Box.” said James Hooker, Hack The Box Co-Founder and CTO.

Hack The Box Academy, our latest learning platform, is driven by a promising product roadmap that entails top-notch training content releases and groundbreaking features, aiming to position the Academy as the new industry standard in cybersecurity training and certification.

Do you think that companies are taking cybersecurity more seriously now?  Is this a result of a growing awareness of the potential loss of business?

Corporate cybersecurity training used to be almost exclusively classroom-based, staunchly traditional and theoretical. Too often, training would be conducted briefly and only once. Companies used to consider it to be a burdensome annual to-do list obligation. Fortunately, this mindset has changed.

The cybersecurity industry needs at least 2.9 million more people. A pandemic made remote work absolutely necessary (although disabled people and parents needed this option for years), in all industries and organizations of all sizes. Cybersecurity proficiency and training solutions are more relevant than ever before, in the wake of the evolving cyber threat landscape. 

Organizations recognize the increasing importance of an adversarial security practice to combat constantly evolving cyber attacks. Recent headlines show that attackers will go to any length to advance their capabilities (e.g., FireEye cyber attack in December) – businesses need to make sure that cyber criminals are caught by surprise, and not the other way around.

Where do your players come from? Are certain regions more represented than others?

Our vision is to make cybersecurity training accessible to everyone, so we are proud of how global and engaged our community is. We see players signing up from all around the world. For individuals, the strongest territories include the USA, UK, Europe, India, Brazil, and Canada. For corporations, the most prominent markets are the USA, UK, and Europe. The world of academia is represented by over 500 universities from all over the world. Here is a top ten snapshot of the “HTB University Hall of Fame”:

University Hall of Fame Cybersecurity

You can learn more about Hack The Box here: