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As a Global Goals Educator and representative of Uruguay, together with all the Ambassadors of the Planet who promote the 2030 Goals, we will carry out the Global Climate Action Project.

Climate Action Research Project Uruguay

People often ask us about our curriculum and experience.

In my case, even after 38 years of teaching with degrees and postgraduate degrees, I like to define myself as a passionate global educator who is characterized by being innovative, a change-maker, a lover of challenges and a promoter of social and cognitive skills to train empowered learners. Learners that are reflective, creative, critical thinkers, global communicators, collaborators, innovators and compassionate students, who know how to work in a collaborative culture, and can be successful anywhere in the world.

According to UNESCO, every day, in different parts of the world, the Planet sends us messages about the enormous transformations it is undergoing. The effects of climate change affect us all and if drastic measures are not taken, and if we do not take action, it will be much more difficult and expensive to adapt to the future.

It is widely known by all citizens of the planet, the enormous climate changes that all countries are suffering on a greater or lesser scale. This is why, on behalf of all of us who make up this great team under the leadership of Koen Timmers, (Belgian colleague), we believe that we must raise awareness among the population.

To do this, we agree that there is no better activity than starting with students of all ages. That is why Uruguay joins more than 100 countries in the world and around 500,000 students to this Global Climate Action Project.

Thus, we invite all schools in Uruguay to join and share what they do with other teachers and students who may live in a very distant point from our geographical location.

In October the project will be launched, and students between the ages of 6 and 22 will collaborate for six unforgettable weeks studying the causes and effects of climate change, trying to solve those problems and undertaking collaborative actions.

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Teachers and students from six continents will work together for a common cause in 10 different languages. We will carry out 3 outstanding activities: a) planting trees, b) we will send drawings and messages to Mars with the support of NASA and c) we will carry out different activities every week. Everyone who participates will have lesson plans, resources, and will be able to join the Climate Action Project Community found on Facebook or other networks.

Uruguay has the support of the Ceibal Plan, which is the Basic Computer Science Educational Platform for Online Learning. It is better known as a socio-educational project in Uruguay that supports students through its platform that is always being updated.

The Climate Action Project aims to promote important skills such as creativity, empathy, real-world problem solving, collaboration, and critical and reflective thinking.This project is supported by HH the Dalai Lama, the UN, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), Dr. Jane Goodall, and various world leaders. In the past years, the project has been covered by the media in 45 countries, including National Geographic, the BBC and CNN.

It is a real pleasure and an honor to promote this type of action to develop citizens’ integrity who are committed and involved from a young age, in the place where they live, that is part of our great Planet “Earth”.

Together we can make it! Working as a team will allow us to achieve better results. This cause should concern us all, I hope many people join us.

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