Nigerian EdTech startup uLesson launches revision app

March 12, 2020

Having previously secured $3.1m in funding, EdTech startup uLesson launches its first mobile learning app

Nigerian EdTech startup uLesson launches revision app

Nigerian EdTech startup uLesson has launched its android app after a year long beta program.  Almost 10,000 activities and 1000 lessons are available covering mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.  The app has been designed to help students in several western African countries prepare for secondary examinations, including the WASSCE, SSCE, GCE, and the UTME.

The developers have incorporated video and interactive quizzes in an attempt to make the app more engaging for students.  Students can view a percentage accuracy when completing tasks and also receive reports into the time taken to complete activities.

uLesson are hoping that the price of the app is low enough to encourage uptake.  Their business model is partly based around recognising that competitors focus on connecting tutors with students, which is costly.  The lessons under the first sub-topic of each course are free and then users are required to pay N15,500 ($40) to unlock content for three months or N29,500($75) to unlock a yearly subscription.

To address connectivity issues, the app comes pre-bundled with a SIM card, allowing offline access to learning material.

“ We’ve spent a year building up this library of content with gifted academics, animators and studio talent…the app was designed to particularly meet the needs of African students at the secondary school level and at all levels in the future. ” Sim Shagaya, Founder and CEO of uLesson Education Limited

uLesson raised $3.1 million in seed finance towards the end of 2019.  The investment round was led by TLcom Capital.  Founder, Sim Shagaya previously setup the e-commerce platform and e-Motion Advertising, a media platform that has since been acquired by Loadstad Media.

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