UK Department for Education approves apps

February 26, 2020


Six educational apps have been approved by the UK Department for Education

UK Department for Education approves apps

A panel of experts have approved six educational apps (including Kaligo in the photo above) that demonstrate a clear focus on literacy, language and communication.  The panel consisted of university researchers, charity workers and digital media consultants.  It was chaired by Professor Jackie Marsh of the University of Sheffield.

The apps that have been approved are published on the Hungry Little Minds campaign website and are also listed below.  This website contains a variety of activities and advice that the Department of Education is sharing with families.

Lingumi (ages 2-5): An app to develop English language skills.

Kaligo (ages 3-5): Children can develop handwriting skills using this app.

Phonics Hero (school age): A phonics app containing over 850 activities.

Teach Your Monster to Read (school age):  This app helps children learn to read by matching letters and sounds before progressing to reading small books.

Navigo Game (school age): An app that will help children develop early reading skills.

Fonetti (school age): A collection of books that help children learn to read.

“ We know that the majority of families are using technology in fun and visual ways to support their child’s early education, but it can be difficult for busy parents to work out what content is best…This list of expert-approved apps helps them make confident decisions that benefit their child’s language and literacy skills. ” Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary

When selecting apps to use with children, the Department for Education recommends that parents use the FEED test:

Fun: The app should be enjoyable for children.

Educational: The app should serve a clear educational purpose.

Engaging: The app should provide advice and feedback.

Design: The app should be intuitive and inclusive.

Further information on the apps and the Hungry Little Minds campaign is available here: