The iResearch Summer STEM Institute to be held online

May 3, 2020

The Summer STEM Institute will take place online with the aim of training future scientists and entrepreneurs

The iResearch Summer STEM Institute will be held online

The Summer STEM Institute boot camp will take place online from June 21 to August 1, 2020.  Participants will be mentored by instructors representing several of the top US universities, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale and Princeton.  Various platforms will be used to allow students to join these sessions remotely, such as Zoom, Gradescope, Coda and Piazza.  The event was due to be cancelled following the Covid-19 outbreak until Adam Pahlavan approached his former teacher, Serena McCalla, requesting to run the event online.

The tuition cost for the bootcamp and masterclass is $2,450 and rises to $6,450 to participate in the additional project.  Students that are unable to cover this amount are requested to apply for financial aid to cover the cost of the application.

The bootcamp courses are structured as follows:

  • Week 1: Defining a Research Problem
  • Week 2: Identifying Datasets and Writing a Research Proposal
  • Week 3: Exploratory Data Analysis and Types of Data Science Research
  • Week 4: After the Basics: Advancing your Project
  • Week 5: Writing a Research Paper
  • Week 6: Research Poster and Presentation

The instructors are Franklyn Wang, Anne Lee, Alex Tsun and Adam Pahlavan.

“ [The goal of the bootcamp is to] train students to conduct computational research in a wide variety of interdisciplinary scientific fields…A significant number of students who go on to be successful entrepreneurs, business-women, and technologists were the kids who were coding and working with data in high school.  ” Dr. Serena McCalla, Founder, iResearch Institute

Over a 12-year period, Dr. Serena McCalla has mentored over 1000 students, helping them gain access to some of the top universities in the US.  The PIE News reported that Serena McCalla is no longer working on the program and Franklyn Wang is now in charge.  More information on the Summer STEM Institute can be accessed here: