The Global EdTech Awards 2023 – Doing things differently…

March 30, 2023

At Global EdTech, we too have been working on doing things differently. We connect with fantastic educators and EdTech companies from all over the world and we knew we wanted to create a process to celebrate these brilliant achievements.

The Global EdTech Awards 2023

We’ve all been there at some point. Stuck in a rut, that is. Sometimes it’s not serious – we can find ourselves doing things as we always have, simply because it’s easier that way. Going with the flow is often the path of least resistance in our busy lives.

Sometimes, however, it’s good to shake things up a little. If we do things the same way, we will always get the same results. So, whether it’s teaching curriculum topics in the classroom or mixing things up when you do your weekly shop, it’s worth considering whether a change could be a catalyst that leads to something new.

The recipe for doing things differently applies across all areas of life. Let’s look at six things that can kickstart your new regime…

  1.     Think like a disruptor. Just because ‘it’s always been done like this’ doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Question it. Why has it never changed? Is there a good reason? Could you achieve more by re-modelling the method? Could you get better, different, more meaningful results?
  2.     Get creative. To break out of the pattern of repetition, think through some new concepts. Perhaps bounce ideas around with colleagues, investigate things that work in other fields, try out new processes and map out how things could work differently and the benefits you would gain.
  3.     What’s your goal? To prevent yourself from getting lost in the excitement of exploring new ways of doing things, write your objective down and keep it visible. This will help keep you on track and ensure that your focus is where it needs to be as you experiment with new approaches or strategies.
  4.     Risk it! Breaking away from the norm often means taking a risk, and that’s all good – just be sure it’s a calculated one! Think things through as much as you can to keep your idea on track to achieve your goal. 
  5.     Failure is your friend. We all know that if we’ve tried something and it hasn’t worked, it’s not all negative. We all know the adage of FAIL – First Attempt In Learning, and we know that we can learn so much when this happens (albeit it can be disappointing at the time). Whichever way you look at it, failure can propel us in a different, more successful direction. 
  6.     Value all feedback: Try to get feedback from a broad range of different people and consider it carefully. You need people who will provide you with constructive views or suggestions, not just those who will give you positive feedback (as nice as that is). It could contain a gem of an idea that you can adapt, help you refine your process – and so much more!

Doing things differently… The Global EdTech Awards 2023

The Global EdTech Awards 2023 are the result. Our programme is not the same as others, as we’ve taken our inspiration from the recruitment industry and are anonymising all entries for the first round of judging so our judges can focus on your successes without being influenced by anything else.

Entries are open until 21st April so submit your entry now and gain recognition for your work, product or company!

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