Partnership forged between Anthology and Togetherall to develop mental health support for students using EdTech

January 12, 2022

The partnership will provide important mental health services for students that use the Anthology and Blackboard EdTech platform

Partnership forged between Anthology and Togetherall to develop mental health support for students using EdTech

To deliver mental health support for university students, EdTech platform Anthology and Togetherall have joined forces. The partnership will make Togetherall’s peer-to-peer mental health community available to all Anthology North America clients. Additionally, universities and colleges using Blackboard Learn can choose to enable Togetherall through Blackboard Assist, the tool within Blackboard Learn that connects students to the support services they need to thrive.

“Today more than ever, universities and colleges are mobilizing to offer support that extends beyond academics and delivers a more complete student wellness experience. With Togetherall, we can help provide a safe online community for students to give and receive mental health support in a space that’s always available and right at their fingertips,” said Mary Gross, Senior Director of Partnerships for Anthology. “It’s an opportunity for universities and colleges to supplement their stepped care approach and provide pathways between existing services.”

“The Togetherall community empowers students by creating a platform for free and open expression that is kept safe by licensed and registered mental health practitioners,” said Matthew McEvoy, North American General Manager for Togetherall. “Partnering with Anthology will enable more universities and colleges to complement their existing resources, reduce barriers to mental health support and intervene early, all key factors in providing care, especially for marginalized groups.”

For more than 15 years, Togetherall has championed student mental health. Togetherall empowers students to anonymously seek and provide support with a safe, online community monitored 24/7 by licensed and registered mental health practitioners. More than 90 percent of students who utilized the platform self-reported an improvement in their well-being and 80 percent felt less isolated after using Togetherall. The easy to access and inclusive platform also breaks down barriers for underrepresented students to create an inclusive space for connectivity and wellbeing, according to a recent Togetherall member survey.

Blackboard Assist, an EdTech tool within Blackboard Learn, provides universities and colleges with an easy way to connect students to the institution’s student services, Blackboard success tools, and third-party student services that have been vetted for academic integrity. Blackboard Assist gives students access to readily available and trusted services when and where students need them – right in the Learning Management System.

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