Language app Busuu hires former Spotify Manager and Brandwatch CCO

March 8, 2020

With ambitions to launch an IPO, language app Busuu hires Joonas Kukkonen and Marc Munier

Language app Busuu hires former Spotify Manager and Brandwatch CCO

With ambitions to expand and launch an IPO, language app Basuu has hired Joonas Kukkonen, previously a Spotify senior engineering manager, and Marc Munier, a former CCO at Brandwatch.  Kukkonen will be responsible for overseeing the engineering teams in London and Madrid according to an article featured on the Information Age website.  Munier on the other hand will oversee Busuu for Business which looks after around 200 corporate clients.

Earlier this year, Basuu acquired Verbling, an online language learning platform for an undisclosed sum.  It currently offers its service to over 100 million learners in over 190 countries with a choice of twelve languages.  The portal consists of over 1000 lessons which can be accessed online or via mobile apps.

Busuu’s AI based platform incorporates machine learning algorithms to adapt to each learner and provide real time feedback.  The app performs an initial test known as the placement test to determine the level each learner should start at.  Premium features can be unlocked through a subscription payment.  These include advanced grammar lessons, offline mode, McGraw-Hill Education certification and an adaptive vocabulary trainer.

“ Both Joonas and Marc are experienced leaders in their respective fields, with strong track records of helping businesses scale…We’re excited to welcome both to our leadership team, as the company enters a new phase of growth to gear up to IPO. ” Bernhard Niesner, Co-Founder and CEO

Named after a Cameroonian language that is almost extinct, Basuu was founded in 2008.   In 2015 it partnered with McGraw-Hill Education to provide a certification and validation service.  The company has won many awards including ‘The Europas’,  ‘Google Play’s Best of’ and it was a finalist in the 2019 EdTechXGlobal Awards.

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