Is Montessori Really Going Digital in Asia? A Big Change in EdTech…

June 19, 2022

Is Montessori Really Going Digital in Asia? A Big Change in EdTech…

There have been a lot of different innovations in EdTech in recent years.  In fact, I was excited to learn that the Montessori concept is now being represented digitally through lesson plans and educational materials. Many debated whether this was even possible as the underlying concepts are centered on physical coordination.

Well, technology is now bringing it to life for many schools that wish to teach Digital Montessori. The lesson plans and materials used in class are delivered using colorful attractive images with animations that appeal to children who wish to learn the basic concepts.

Many EdTech companies are making this possible using their CMS systems.  One of the leading EdTech companies Kidsloop in Pakistan has for the first-time developed lesson plans that are not only interactive but can establish through Data and AI how a student is performing in class and if any assignments need to be completed. Students can also experience the same look and feel as they would in a real physical classroom.   

Talking with a Montessori Educator Ms. Rubina Ahmed explained “It is indeed a big development in the Montessori curriculum as the concepts are now being digitally implemented in schools across the world”.  She added to this by saying “It has taken a lot of time for companies to understand that in the EdTech Industry it is equally important for companies to look into digitizing Montessori materials, but I am impressed by the efforts of Kidsloop Pakistan who have led this initiative to bring the vision of Maria Montessori who started this journey in 1907”.

The AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) organization has already pre-loaded many materials related to Digital Montessori for educators to use. It is now time that all EdTech companies realize how important it is to integrate different approaches to learning from across the world.  Efforts and innovations have been taken but not at a level where it is accessible for educators to utilize and implement.

This change in EdTech requires attention and must be looked into for further development to lead to enhancements that can make technology effortless for everyone. 

Article by: Dr. Zuhair Ahmed (LLB)
(P.hD in Education Technology & Adaptive Learning)


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