Financial Literacy EdTech EVERFI launches free crypto course for US students

Software company Blackbaud has developed EVERFI, a financial literacy EdTech platform, to teach US High School students about blockchain

Financial Literacy EdTech EVERFI launches free crypto course for US students

Financial Literacy EdTech EVERFI is aiming to provide a free Intro to Crypto course for US High School students this fall. 

With the continued rise in popularity and adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology, EVERFI is committed to building the missing learning layer around these new topics for its community of learners. By leveraging its infrastructure and strategic partner network, EVERFI seeks to bridge the crypto knowledge gap at scale – providing students with the education needed to understand these new concepts and to support better decision-making.

“The rapid advancement and adoption of crypto and blockchain technology have created an urgent need for an engaging and interactive education curriculum,” said Tom Davidson, founder and CEO, EVERFI. “The stakes are high, the concepts are complex, and there is a demand for foundational crypto and web3 education nationwide. Given our vast network in K-12 education, we are the most trusted resource to deliver this critical education to students before they risk making a costly financial decision.”

EVERFI’s digital education products are used by more than 25,000 schools nationwide, putting the company in a unique position to bring this critical education to millions of students each year. The company is set to launch an Intro to Crypto course for students this fall and will unveil it to more than 6,500 teachers during today’s LearnOn educator conference. The interactive course will provide students with a foundational understanding of digital assets, blockchain technology, and the evolving applications of these new technologies in everyday life.

“Our mission has always been to democratize education and ensure everyone has access to critical information that will equip them to make informed decisions as they prepare for their future,” said Davidson. “We are continuing to build the missing learning layer and deliver next-generation learning topics to K-12 students nationwide, regardless of their zip code.”

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