Financial Education – Greenlight launches new tool

January 9, 2023

The game has been developed by Greenlight to help kids and teens improve their financial literacy

Financial Education – Greenlight launches new tool

Greenlight has launched a financial education game called Level Up with the aim of helping young people develop their knowledge and understanding of financial matters.

Level Up goes beyond the National Standards for K-12 Personal Financial Education developed by the Jump$tart Coalition and Council for Economic Education to empower young people with money skills and confidence.

93% of teens believe they need financial knowledge and skills to achieve their life goals, and 97% of parents agree.* Still, only 23 states require a personal finance course for students, and teens score an average of 64% on the National Financial Literacy Test, showing a clear gap in financial education that is accessible and effective for young people.

Built by academic and game design experts, Level Up reimagines financial education with an industry-leading curriculum, challenges, and rewards that keep kids and teens engaged. Using the Greenlight app, kids can play Level Up and put their learnings into action by earning, spending wisely, saving, investing, and more while parents follow along with their progress. Level Up is designed to empower kids and teens with money confidence, knowledge, and skills through these key features:

Best-in-class curriculum: Level Up expands beyond the National Standards for K-12 Personal Financial Education with a curriculum that develops real-life financial skills and money confidence, in addition to core knowledge. Lessons cover earning, spending, saving, investing, managing credit, income, taxes, and more, each built using an outcomes-driven educational matrix. Rich with multimedia content, lessons use an intentional combination of words, illustrations, and sounds for an inclusive learning experience aimed at multiple intelligences.

Story-driven gameplay: The curriculum comes to life in fun, bite-sized challenges packed with videos, minigames, and a mix of multiple-choice, true or false, and scenario questions. Players are rewarded with coins**, XP, and stars based on the percentage of correct answers and earn badges as they advance to the next level.

Animated visual design: Designed with kids and teens in mind, the Level Up experience is vibrant and whimsical, uniquely blending education with entertainment. Lovable, unexpected characters like a wise wizard, a jetpack-toting goat, and even a pineapple sporting sunglasses guide players through the animated world of Level Up on their journey to becoming financially-smart.

“Greenlight’s mission has always been focused on empowering kids and teens to learn about money,” said Jennifer Seitz, Certified Financial Education Instructor and Director of Education at Greenlight. “Level Up advances our mission even further with an engaging, gamified curriculum that teaches financial literacy in a fun and relatable way.”

“Level Up is such an amazing game. It’s animated, colorful, and packed with super helpful financial lessons,” said Nikki M., parent of a 12-year-old daughter who participated in Level Up beta testing. “Starting at the very first level, it has important lessons that I wish I was taught when I was younger. This is such valuable knowledge that my daughter will have for life.”

To date, Greenlight’s award-winning banking app has helped more than 5 million parents and kids learn about the world of money together. Level Up is included in-app for all Greenlight customers on all subscription plans, starting today. Level Up will also be available for free for schools, teachers, and students through Greenlight for Classrooms, a web-based financial literacy library tailored to K-12 grade levels, coming later this year.

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