EdTech Learning: An interview with the founders of Project Gnosis

May 25, 2021

Project Gnosis is a new platform which aims to inspire kids to be the leaders of global innovation through EdTech learning.  In this article we meet the founders: Michaela Sorrentino and Sami A. Asaker

Founded on the Greek definition of imparting knowledge, Project Gnosis is a new EdTech learning platform which incorporates modern pedagogical techniques, such as gamification to make the learning process fun.

What inspired you to launch this project?

Michaela described how in 2012 she was shocked to learn that her sons lacked any knowledge in computer programming despite their experience using devices on a regular basis.  This coupled with the lack of quality courses inspired her to explore the process through which students learn valuable and important digital skills, such as coding.  Michaela then explained how after setting up Project Gnosis as a company, she met Sami A. Asaker and together they shared a joint vision for creating an EdTech learning platform that enables students to efficiently learn how to program whilst having fun through gamification.  They currently have 35 courses in place which incorporate technical literacy and cater for different age ranges.  Problem solving, emotional learning and life skills were infused into developing the platform which can be described through four cornerstones: 1) Education is a basic human right 2) It takes a village to raise a child 3) Give a child a fish, feed them for a day, teach them how to fish, feed them for life 4) With great power comes even greater responsibility.

Can you tell us a bit about your partnership with EDUCATE?

Michaela explained how she first came into contact with EDUCATE and UCL at BETT and how she realised having the backing of a prestigious university would help ensure that the project was developed using evidence-based research.  Both Sami and Michaela proceeded to articulate their upcoming beta project which is launching in the UK, as well as a peer-to-peer learning centre to provide pupils with a chance to share and collaborate with one another.

What are your goals for the coming year?

In addition to the plans described above, Sami will launch a one-year internship program which will involve teaching students C# programming and the interns will have a chance to work on the Project Gnosis platform.  Michaela explained that her plans are to grow the business organically and develop a template which can be used in other regions.

You can learn more about Project Gnosis here: https://project-gnosis.com/