Day 20: Clipchamp – Microsoft

December 20, 2022


Clipchamp is a free video editing platform that was recently acquired by Microsoft.  It provides a great set of free tools that teachers can use to create high-quality video content. 

Windows has long lacked a built-in high-quality video editor with lots of features.  Many teachers were surprised that Movie Maker was mothballed and replaced with a basic Video Editor within the Photos app.  Whilst I have to admit that the simplicity of the current iteration of the Photos app can be very useful in certain situations, I still like to be able to work with a timeline. 

Clipchamp Reveal

Whilst we have returned to live teaching there is still considerable value in producing quality video content that students can watch on demand.  If you are working in a Windows environment, then Clipchamp might be worth a look!

To get started you can either record directly or import video.

Clipchamp Top Features

Music & SFX

Lots of free tracks are available to choose from and can easily be dragged and dropped onto the timeline. 

Clipchamp Gif

Stock Video/ Images

There are quite a lot of free video backgrounds that can be used in your video projects.  These provide an easy way to make your videos more professional.  As well as stock video there are also stock images that you can easily drag and drop onto the timeline.

Clipchamp Images


A large variety of creative options exist for adding text to your videos. 



This section on the menu provides an opportunity to add stickers, GIPHY, backgrounds, and other options.  Once again this is such a great way to create videos that will engage students.

Are there any other features?


Whilst transitions are standard fare in video editing applications, the choice of transitions here is really good and will definitely add some pizzaz to your creations.

Brand Kit

In this section, you can choose colours and fonts so that your videos have a consistent look and feel.  This is a great option if you are making educational videos on a regular basis.

This video captures all the main features discussed above.

So, if you haven’t heard of Clipchamp before or if you have been on the lookout for an easy-to-use but robust video editor then this could be right up your street.  To get started simply signup for free here: