Day 09 – GEC App

December 9, 2022

Day 09 - GEC App

We are loving the #Appvent22 calendar so far this year. With a broad and diverse range of tools to promote learning, creativity, maths and science, immersion, classroom management and wellbeing, it was only right that we took time to explore a tool that promotes and celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It therefore gives us great pleasure on the 9th day of our #Appvent22 Appvent Calendar to introduce the Global Equality Collective (GEC) app.

The GEC app is a framework that schools can use to help develop and promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within their settings.

 Starting with a self-reflective assessment that all staff members complete, the tool then leads you to an intuitive dashboard with a series of resources that provides users with diverse activities and training opportunities designed to promote gender equality and challenge gender stereotypes. This includes exploring unconscious bias, learning about gender-based violence, and understanding what it means to be in a gender-equal society.

Day 09 - GEC App Reveal

Who founded it and why? 

The GEC app was co-founded by Nic Ponsford and Cat Wildman, two passionate advocates for gender equality. Creators of the world’s first DEI app for schools and businesses, Ponsford and Wildman aim to help give schools and businesses all of the information and education they need to help them develop DEI within their settings. 

Day 09 - GEC App - Guiding Statement

The GEC app is particularly helpful for schools, both in terms of its educational content and its ability to connect users with the global gender equality movement but also for those schools wishing to improve their DEI.

Schools can use the GEC app to help create a more inclusive learning environment that is free of gender-based discrimination. With a range of activities designed to challenge gender stereotypes, the app allows teachers and leaders to explore their own biases and understand the importance of gender equality.

Dashboard view

In addition to its educational content, the GEC app also helps schools foster a culture of gender equality. By providing users with access to the GEC app, they can learn about the challenges faced by women and girls around the world and how they can take action to help create an equal society.

Schools can also use the GEC app to support initiatives aimed at increasing access to opportunities for women and girls in their community.

Progress Indicator

People can get involved with the GEC app in a variety of ways. First, they can use the app to learn about gender equality and challenge their own gender stereotypes. They can also use the app to help create a culture of gender equality in their schools and communities.

In summary, the GEC app is an invaluable resource for schools. By providing teachers and leaders with professional learning opportunities within the app, schools can foster a more inclusive environment and challenge gender stereotypes. With its range of educational activities and its ability to connect users with the global gender equality movement, the GEC app can help schools create a more equitable learning environment for all.

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