Brazilian EdTech platform Gran Cursos Online expands following investment

June 1, 2021

Gran Cursos Online, a Brazilian EdTech platform receives an undisclosed investment from BTG Pactual

Brazilian EdTech platform Gran Cursos Online expands following investment

Brazilian EdTech platform Gran Cursos Online is a platform designed to help students prepare for examinations.  Founded in 2012 in Brasilia by Gabriel Granjeiro and Rodrigo Calado, the company now attracts in excess of 250,000 subscribing students and its achievements have been recognised by Amazon Web Services.

Subscribers pay for around $10 per month and can complete any number of courses.  The investment from BTG Pactual will be used to fund its expansion in Brazil through marketing and developing its technology.  BTG Pactual is a large investment bank and the investment is part of a portfolio named BTG Pactual Sustainable and Impact Investments.

“This investment reaffirms that we are on the right path and that our next steps will be carried out in an assertive and thoughtful manner, seeking to accelerate the democratization of Brazilian education…” Gabriel Granjeiro, President, Gran Cursos Online

“We are aware of the most advanced technology in the world. We are the only EdTech with three tools that use Artificial Intelligence: course recommendation, which detects patterns in the interaction of users to generate personalized recommendations, inferring which content is most relevant for each student; automatic subtitles in more than 106 thousand video classes, promoting inclusion to more than 10 million people with hearing impairment; and audiobooks, the result of converting more than 2 trillion characters from our digital books to 86 thousand hours of audio, which benefit all our students and are offered free of charge to 6.5 million Brazilians who are blind or have severe visual impairment…”  Rodrigo Calado, vice president and director of Technology and Innovation, Gran Cursos Online

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